September 16, 2016

Cloud SmartCAM

A warm welcome from us here at SmartCAMcnc

Today, we want to tell you about SmartCAM On The Cloud

Or more precisely, SmartCAM on the Predator Cloud Network

We’re delighted to have further cemented our relationship with a long-term partner, Predator Software Inc., by an agreement to provide a cloud-based CNC Milling programming solution intended for use by machinists on the shop floor.

The beta version of SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling will soon launch on the Predator Cloud Network which provides a secure shop floor network and computing platform in the cloud via a low cost monthly subscription.

We thought it would be neat to present our information using a series of short FAQs that might help you to learn a little bit about our solution.

What is the Predator Cloud Network?
The Predator Cloud network enables access to – wait for it – a set of cloud-resident applications that have been specially selected to help make life that little bit easier for the machinist on the shop floor.

Predator Software Inc. will rent you zero client workstations and sell you access to apps of your choice on a monthly subscription basis.

What is a Zero Client Workstation?
Zero Client devices ( otherwise referred to as Ultra Thin ) provide little more than the human-machine interface needed to run the apps. You don’t need to think in the same terms of magnitude and speed such as how-many-Terabytes that you do with a conventional desktop PC.

Zero Client devices run software using computing capacity that is somewhere out there on the Cloud.

Why is the Cloud called the Cloud?
OK, I admit it - that's one from me. I was curious to know.

It's simply that earlier computer scientists and engineers needed something to document the network, and they settled on using an image of a cloud.

You'll see much jargon and many acronyms used in reference to cloud computing. Thankfully, as CAM people we don't really need to concern ourselves with that if we don't want to. It's really just another means of enabling the CAM tools that we require to do our jobs efficiently and effectively. 

But - as with All Things - there is plenty of glossary information available on the internet if you want to know more. Or should that be on the cloud?

Why would I use SmartCAM via the Predator Cloud Network?
That’s a great question, isn’t it?

The primary considerations are perhaps those of cost and commitment.

As we said, you rent access to the SmartCAM Shopfloor Milling App at a low monthly rate. In fact we’re offering a reduced monthly rate to our early customers. You aren’t asked for long-term commitment. If you find that you don’t need it, then you don’t renew the monthly subscription. Go with it again as soon as you do have a renewed need, be that next month or next year.

Is the Shopfloor App any different to regular SmartCAM?
The SmartCAM Shopfloor Milling App is based upon a cut-down version of our traditional user-license-based systems. You’re right to ask: our Shopfloor App isn’t for everybody, we know that many of our clients will want to continue to use our existing products and method of supply.

SmartCAM ShopFloor

Predator Cloud Network / SmartCAM Shopfloor App customers have an upsize path if there is a need to do more stuff, such as generate toolpaths directly on solid models, complex surface machining and more. The experience learned using the Cloud app isn’t lost, the SmartCAM concepts and methodology delivered in the full products will be familiar to users of SmartCAM Shopfloor.

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Our press release containing further detail about SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling can be found here
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Our heads are in the cloud this week, do contact us to see what it’s like.

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