June 25, 2015

Our first blog, where we talk about ourselves.

Hi, and a Very Warm Welcome to our blog
You’ve reached the SmartCAMcnc Blog. We created our blog to primarily inform about this-or-that aspect of our CAM Software / CNC Programming software, but we also post other information that we hope you will find interesting and informative.

If you were looking for a webcam then you probably needed to go here

Otherwise, and if SmartCAM is new to you we would like to let you know a little bit about our company and our products.

We thought it would be a bright idea to apply the 5 W’s of What, Why, When, Where and Who + a How to do just that:

What we do
We create software that is used to generate programs for CNC machinery, known by the manufacturing communities as Computer-Aided-Manufacturing, or CAM software.
Our brand name is SmartCAM. We produce 7 applications products that provide you with CAM tools for milling, turning, wire EDM and fabrication programming needs.

Why do we do it?
It is generally said that Numerically-Controlled – NC - machinery began its evolution in the second half of the 1940’s, with the first NC machines being developed in the early 50’s. The later addition of the C as in CNC stands for ‘Computer’.

Programs for NC / CNC machines are files comprised of combinations of letters and numbers.

For example, if we wanted to cause a machine tool to rapid move to the top-left start of the blue arc which is centred at 0,0  and to cut the arc in a clockwise direction at a rate of 20 units per minute, one form of CNC code to do that is:

G00 X2.93 Y14.042
G02 X13.81 Y3.879 I-2.93 J-14.042 F20.0

We’ve omitted tool change, spindle & coolant codes, tool & work offsets, tool compensation and cut depth from our example.

Programs containing a lot of toolpath are clearly going to be huge. Before CAM computer programs became available all of the math and trig for each move was calculated by the programmer.

Just imagine creating an NC program without the aid of any form of graphical toolpath verification! And using the calculators of the time? We take our hats off to those guys.

When computers became capable of being used to run software to help generate all of those letters and numbers, the CAM software industry began to develop.

When did SmartCAM begin life?
SmartCAM was first created around about the time that affordable desktop PCs became available, in the early 1980’s. If you’re interested to know more, you can read about our history on our website, here

 Where we do it
Our business is headquartered in a wonderful part of the world at Springfield, Oregon, up here in the American North-West.

But we sell SmartCAM to all parts of the world. 99% of our sales in the US are handled directly by our company, and we apply a reseller sales partner business model for international business.

Our international business manager was really anxious for us to let you know that there are usually opportunities to join us as an international sales partner in many parts of the world. Contact us at info@smartcamcnc.com if you’re interested.

There, that should keep him happy.

Who we are
We are SmartCAMcnc, created by owner and founder Gregg Olson to continue SmartCAM development & sales following a, ahem, turbulent period in the history of our CAM software.

Many of our staff were part of the original SmartCAM business. We are as enthusiastic today about CAM and about our SmartCAM products as we have ever been.

We’ve found that SmartCAM kind of gets in your blood. Maybe you’ll discover that for yourself one day.

And last but not least, the H: How we do it
We reckon that the way that SmartCAM is used to create CNC programs is pretty unique. In an illuminating quote from a valued customer – thank you, Chris - The SmartCAM Difference is neatly summarized for us:

“Where SmartCAM CAM software is unparalleled is in toolpath manipulation. There is NO CAM product in existence that is as versatile at this. Because all SmartCAM toolpath (including holes) are created as a type of geometry element, every single toolpath segment can easily be edited/modified/sorted/re-ordered per your necessity or desire. In this regard, SmartCAM is the best CAM product in the world. “
Chris K., SmartCAM User

You can draw toolpath in SmartCAM. You can modify it as if it were CAD geometry. You can convert CAD geometry to toolpath and vice versa. You can easily transform / copy-transform toolpath. You can use automated processes to produce toolpath. You can work with those automated toolpaths alongside interactively-created elements. You can easily re-sequence, modify, delete toolpath, and more.

And – the thing we all too easily forget what CAM software is purchased for in the first place – to enable you to generate quality CNC code for your machines. 

Enough said, we think.

Have a great day,

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