January 18, 2016

SmartCAM Version 2016 is now shipping

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Our latest news: we just wanted to let you know that we have begun shipping the latest release of our SmartCAM CAM system, Version 2016.

You can read about SmartCAM Version 2016 on our website …
We have created a summary of the significant additions and changes to this release on our website. Please do take a moment to read our material here

… But here is a condensed summary of What’s New:

Knowledge is Power
We’ve extended the scope of the SmartCAM Knowledge based Machining library. KBM functionality first began life in the previous release, enabling SmartCAM programmers to store and retrieve Toolpath Process parameters and so help provide consistent and preferred settings.

We’ve added a great deal in this latest release.

Tools, Steps  - a step in the SmartCAM Process Plan - and Groups of Tools & Groups of Steps can now all be stored and retrieved in the KBM Library.

 Steps for a family of parts or for a specific feature can be configured in the KBM Library by the database administrator at the SmartCAM user site.

What does the new KBM functionality mean to you? It means that SmartCAM programmers can benefit from preferred and standard data in a way that was simply not possible in previous releases.

The User Interface
We’ve made some changes to a key component of the UI: our List View previously displayed a long list of the CAD and CAM elements that comprised the toolpath model.

We’ve changed that so that SmartCAM users can now display model data using one of four predefined ‘flavors’ appropriate to the task in hand.

The display of data can now also be compacted if required - entities such as layers, steps, profiles, sequences of holes and solid model bodies can be expanded or collapsed in the List View.

What does that mean to me? The new List View options enable far superior and much simpler navigation of the Process Model than ever before.

Base Roughing is Basic no more
We’ve included some milling technology changes for Version 2016. The Wireframe Group Pocket Toolpath Process has long been considered a ‘base level’ function, generating roughing toolpaths for groups of pocket boundaries-only.

We’ve changed all that.

We’ve added some great toolpath smoothing options for HSM applications; we’ve enabled toolpath creation for islands and ‘nested pockets and islands’, and we’ve thought about what our customers want to do when pocket regions include ‘shelves’; island tops that abut outer pocket boundaries.

Check it out on our web page. We think you’ll rate all of the changes to our Wireframe Group Pocket Roughing.

Come and visit us at www.smartcamcnc.com for more information about our SmartCAM CAM systems. Talk to us about your CAM needs; we don’t bite and you’ll discover that we don’t do hard sell. Naturally we want you to invest in SmartCAM CAM software, but we like to work with you toward your solution in a consultative manner.

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