April 13, 2016

Your new SmartCAM Training Center

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You’ve come to the right place to learn about CNC programming with SmartCAM.

And so have our customers: we have opened an all-new training center within our Springfield HQ.

You’re maybe thinking: And what’s the big deal in that?
Those of you who don't already know us will need to read a little about the history of our business and our SmartCAM products in order to understand why we’re excited about our new training center.

Our marketing types have written a short summary for our website, SmartCAM Training

We’re a company of CAM professionals whose careers have largely been based around SmartCAM. Some of us have been involved with it since it first appeared on the market way back in the 1980s. We’re all 100% committed to our unique CAM solutions.

SmartCAM goes
Not everybody always felt that way. At one point, one of the previous owners of SmartCAM closed it down: development stopped and sales certainly did, too.

SmartCAM returns
Led by Gregg Olson, SmartCAM development was resumed and the products brought back to the CAM software market, with a new release shipped in 2004.

We were busy recovering lost ground, have significantly further developed SmartCAM since and continue to do so every hour of every day. Up until now our training has been largely web-based, using a series of rather good tutorials created by our applications engineering team.

Our Training Center
We are very excited to have now established the training facility. We have opened its doors to provide direct, face-to-face customer training for the first time in many years.

Our Trainer
Mr. Casey Baker, a long-time SmartCAM man and professional trainer, has joined us to run the show. SmartCAM customers coming to Springfield benefit from the very highest standard of professional training with Casey, who brings more than 28 years of SmartCAM training experience with him. Plus, he really loves doing it, which is really great. In his own words:

"I've always enjoyed teaching SmartCAM users of every level, beginner to advanced. The key for the trainee is SmartCAM's unique Toolpath Modeling, which treats each toolpath element as geometry, just like you would with your CAD data. Once that concept is understood, users quickly grasp the power that SmartCAM offers. It's gratifying to watch when that "light bulb" comes on and the user gets excited to see how SmartCAM will benefit their work."

Naturally, we want you to get SmartCAM and to get trained. Contact us for a chat if we can help with anything related to CAM software.

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